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Welcome to  smsfanz chat room. After a busy day at your job or study. You will be in search of some entertainment and relaxation. should be in search of some nice people. So at the Right place. Chat Now. Chat with nice and cute people. Find Pakistani and Indian people for chat. Make new chat Friends. Make new friends from Pakistan & India. smsfanz chat room. A chat room with an smooth & fair environment. Nice and cool people inside. So simple. No registration or sign up required. just enter your nick name. Click join to login in to the chat room. Take your time and enjoy.



If you notice any irregularity in the chat room. If you have any problem about chat. Please inform the operators (admins) of chat room. They Provide better guidness and help in the matter.

Chat & Chat Rooms. 
Chat and Chat rooms are the well known terms of internet. Everyone surfing internet know well about these terms. Chat rooms provide a close interaction the users with each other. Chat room is said to be a community platform. Where people of different mind and thoughts meets each other. They share their views about certain things there. Discuss the matters. Appreciate and Criticize the things. Chat rooms facilitate the users to meet new peoples.  Thus to have a chance to make new terms of friendship. The chat room applications developed by time to time.  Become  more and more comfortable to their users. Become more elastic and convenient. Some of the popular chat room  applications are Java, Flash, Php etc. Now a days Flash chat application is commonly used.. It is installed on certain websites and blogs. The Flash application allow the users to use the chat easily. They can use it comfortably even on slow net speed. Some smart commands and keys are being provided there. These commands and keys make it more easy and comfortable to use. On other hand the owners and chat admins are also feel easy. They are being also facilitated. They are being  provided with some easy tools & commands. Such they can easily  operate and control the chat room. Chat rooms play a special role community. It develop the fast & close interaction of the community.  It help in Solving certain social problems by discussing those Problems in chat. Char is a good and fruitful practice for making a healthy community. A chat room can be Good or also Bad. It totally depend upon the environment of the chat room. Its also depend upon the behavior and attitude of their users & admins. The rooms where a decent chat environment is being developed can help the community. Such rooms can make a positive aspect over community. On other hand if the environment of the chat room is kept illiberal or dirty. The users will also adopt a negative attitude and will behave rudely. Such chat rooms brings  negative results. It shows a bad aspect.  And results appears against the purpose and cause of it creation. In common life you can experience  such situations. You can notice the results of a bad gathering. When such bad gatherings occurs, it brings a negative effect on the social life of human being. Just like that a chat room is a gathering of people. If it is liberal and positive. It should bring a positive effect on the community. It should bring a positive effect on the thoughts of the related persons or people. On other hand if the attitude and behavior of the users is negative. Such chat rooms and gathering will turns in negative aspect. It will badly effect the social life of the related community and persons. It will lost the way to its main Goals. The purpose and Goals for which it is created.  All of you are requested to have a liberal and mean full chat. Keep a supreme attitude every where either in chat room or in real life.



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